Testing: 1,2,2017

Happy New Year – that’s what people say when January rolls around, right?

I had full and honest intentions to write something for New Year’s Day – you know, to mark the occasion or whatever. 2017 had other plans – so long story short, as is plain to see, that did not happen.

This is going to be a quick one, just to say, essentially, that I’m not dead.

I have my first exam since starting university in three hours. English Literature. I figured that as I’ve tired of flash reading tragedies I’d get the juices running and write something now. It’s going to be total shit (say sorry), but the hope is to get my system clear ahead of time. If you care for cutting through the dressing, I’m doing this to kill some time and procrastinate. I’ve always preferred to wing it and rely on what I know anyway. Does that sound irresponsible? Trust me, I’ll be fine.


In terms of news, I have abandoned the use of Facebook for personal means. This caused some panic as I gave no warning of this and, in conjunction with getting a new number recently, a fair few people have been unable to reach me or find out why I had disappeared off their radar. I maintain it was a positive choice as I find that I barely check social media for mindless scrolling purposes now, and am generally more productive with my time. Think, if I hadn’t removed the distraction, I may not have managed to get a few days of revision squeezed in before my exams.

Anyway, wish me luck. I’m more or less ‘awake’ now, and have very little else to share. So….



Listening To: Final Fantasy IX OST


Image Source: Google Images, Giphy

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