A Touch of Culture

Oh, hey! It’s been awhile… again. It’s okay! Don’t feel bad. I cheat on all of my literary commitments, but don’t worry, you’re my favourite mistress….

Fine. You caught me. I do say that to all the writing outlets. Mea culpa.

The freshers’ fortnight (yeah, not just a week anymore folks) has ended and the nototequilatime has come to start being more proactive in time management and some degree of work (and work for the degree, yuk yuk yuk). Admittedly the fresher events did end about two weeks ago, but I felt short-changed by the overall play-out and that I hadn’t drained my finances enough so I extended the party, without reprieve, for a further fortnight. Having now been satisfied, four weeks since returning to London, I have began to analyse the workload and plan out this semester’s work. If I stick to it and do this right, then I should be behind a computer or a book for the majority of my waking hours until Christmas.

It’s not going to happen, but here’s a record of my good intentions (may they pave my way to hell).

In my experience of testing my mortality and swimming through new social pools – or more accurately the aftermath the following afternoons – I have managed to educate myself in some of the films that occupied my large personal pit of ignorance. To name a few: Good Morning, Vietnam, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poets Society and A Few Good Men. I was warned that my first year would be spent mostly watching everything Netflix has to offer, and although I haven’t watched anything other than Stranger Things on there I do see why I was warned of this. It takes far less focus to let a film wash over you than to channel some genius into a public medium or personal project. Too big-headed?


I’ve also made a trip to the National Theatre. I went to see Checkov’s ‘Ivanov’. Spoiler alert: He should have moved the ending back to 20 minutes in when Ivanov was contemplating his resolution. Apologies for being intentionally vague, but I’m not one to dish out spoilers. However, for anyone familiar with the play  and understanding of my reference, I also may have whispered to myself (a little too loudly, I’m told) ‘Just do it!’ at the 20 minute mark. My new friends agreed with the sentiment, so no harm done.

So if nothing else, I’m soaking up new experiences and filling knowledge gaps here. With any luck, I’ll come out the other side of my first year as a better rounded individual. Perhaps even ready to do the ‘serious’ work that lies beyond.


P.S. For any gamers reading this (I think this is an ‘indie‘ title), Undertale is a wonderful investment. It does, however, require DETERMINATION and an understanding of MERCY.

You’re gonna have a bad time.


Listening To: Greatest Hits Collection – Elvis Presley


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