(A) Nobody Goes to the Ball

Not only as a fresher, but as a 23 year old who never had the chance to go to a ball/prom/whatever, I felt it was important I went to the freshers ball.

I didn’t know what to expect really. All I knew was that I had to dress up smart. The fun here is that it would make a change trying to look all fancy. I even treated myself to a new waistcoat – why not?


It felt like a special event because most people were dressed up in nice shirts and dresses (there were a couple of actual ball gowns on display too). In reality, it was just a normal night out in suits and dresses – is that what proms/balls are supposed to be?

I wouldn’t complain. I had fun. I met some beautiful human beings too (you know, the whole inside and outside radiant beauty deal?). I’m thankful for seeing that there are some gems among us. I hate that my interest in them has been piqued – it’s a ball, and the illusion fades when the clock strikes….


Maybe it’s an age thing – but I’d totally do that again. Getting dressed up really smart and going out to some club and just talking to everyone and everyone about everything and nothing.


I’m also pleased to know there are two club rooms for cheesy 80’s and 90’s music within a 10 minute walk from my accommodation. It feels like I brought the only relevant piece of the hometown night life with me.


Listening To: Meteora – Linkin Park


Image Source: Google Images, Own Photos

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