Return To The Capital (September 10th)

It doesn’t feel like that long a time since I wrote ‘Flee The Capital’, but 4 months have passed almost to the day.

September 10th is going to be a date I remember. It helps that it’s on a t-shirt, but it marks the day I left for university to start the next stage of my life and the day I saw Billy Joel live. Aside from it being hosted in the legendary Wembley Stadium, it was unlike any other act I’ve ever seen. I felt complete having left. I heard everything I wanted to hear, and am safe in the knowledge that Billy still has his voice and sense of humour.

Show may include Elton John parodies and British anthems – said no warning label.

The date has felt like an ‘end-date’ more than a new beginning, but I suppose there isn’t much between the two. A lot has happened this year, but I think this is like starting over again. Man on a mission style, you know? I’m in a new area, with nobody I know, starting a course that has no definite bearing. I don’t think I would change any of it though. Sink or swim, right?

It did cross my mind that I did this just under a year ago for work, and it drove me crazy. Not all the way round crazy, but enough that some madness stuck and is part of who I am (blegh…). Going into a mad situation mad sounds logical to me. I’m not nervous. I suppose if I had to say I am anything, I guess it would be that I am impatient for things to start happening.

I do have several advantages over the people I’ll be living with. Firstly, I’ve 6 years of living away from home dependent on my own income. Secondly, I don’t have the drinking sensibilities of an 18 year old. On top of this, I appear to be one of the only people in the entire building, so I will meet people as they arrive over the next two days. In saying this, I’m sure there are some disadvantages to be considered – such as the few years age gap and that they will be all coming from similar situations compared to me that will give them instant common ground.

The new digs. Oddly poignant moment to capture on screen for this shot.

Checking the time, it’s almost 6am. I stayed up after the gig to get everything unpacked and get the room feeling like home. With all of the furniture being built-in, I won’t be able to succumb to my usual habit of moving everything every so many months and need to get used to a state of permanence for the next 9 months or so. It’s all finally done. Tomorrow will be food shopping, local reconnaissance and scheduling fresher events. The latter feels weird to be doing without other people I know around. Oh well.

I need some sleep. With this, I’m putting the best foot forward in returning to the blogging community.


Listening To: Back in Black – AC/DC


Image Source: Google Images, Own Photos

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