Career Change (Secret’s Out)

First off, apologies for my absence. As hinted to in the last entry, my life has been focused around late nights drinking with friends, playing Pokemon GO, and dragging myself to and from work (that last part’s a lie, I enlisted help to drag me to work and back). But there has been a paradigm shift. Surely I’m not alone in saying we’ve all heard people around us joking about giving up work and becoming a full time Pokemon Trainer, or examples of people who already have? Well, my that is now my current career status – and it shall remain that way until I become a student again in September.

Straight Outta Pallet Town

This wasn’t exactly my call. I finally let the cat out of the bag to my superiors at work that I was going to university. To their credit, they were incredibly supportive and understanding. However, due to the stage we were at with new projects and deadlines, it made more sense to let me go early and pay me off – inviting me to come back in my breaks for potential project work. So now the new focus will be on writing, Pokemon, trying to drink less and sleep more. This is life now.

This is my summer ‘vacation‘ starting I guess! I was beginning to lose faith in being able to finish my first draft before September, but with being able to treat writing like a job again, it’s still a possibility. I’m  sure I’m right in saying that it’s a fortunate place to be when you see the bounty of benefits to being unemployed…. well, self-employed (thank you very much). I suppose that when your sentence in limbo is confirmed to just another 6 weeks, it’s a lot more tolerable.


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