This is Life Now

I can stomach that I’ve been drinking every night since Thursday last week. I can accept that Pokemon GO is now a part of my life. These two things (with a side of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X) have dictated my whole life over the last few days. At least I can say I’m not alone. Even my least social friends made appearances!

I never thought that I’d be much of a fan of Pokemon GO. However, my forever depletedpgo2 phone battery stands in evidence of the contrary. It started as something to mess around with whilst out having a cigarette at work/home. I think it’s awoken my competitive nature from its slumber, as everyone is so intense about it. I know it’s probably because my closest friends are students with a whole summer ahead of them, but I guess I got carried away!

“The only consistencies in life are death, taxes, and Pokemon Go server crashes”.

pgo3I’m not sure of the source of this, but a friend read it to me earlier and it seems legitimately the case for so many at the moment! It has kept me from sometimes booting up my laptop at all for more than 24 hours, but if I believe enough in the power of the memes, I’m going to be in amazing shape in no time from egg hatching! One can hope right?

Work has become more of an obstacle than a focus, but I suppose that just means I’m settling in. I still need to break the news of my plans. I’ve thought it over, and I think I have to say something before the end of next week in order to fully benefit from maximum pay without ruining summer plans and having a couple weeks off before life starts again at 23 – if you know what I mean! In all honesty, it’s a good job with some great people. I hope there may be a future there of some description.

I will love you and leave you. I have to do that whole ‘9’ part of a 9-5 job and all. May the servers forever work in your favor… if they ever start working properly at all.



Listening To: Love Is Gone – Dommin


Image Source: Google Images

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