I’m just going to put this out there. I do not like hospitals. I’m not really a fan of doctors. Dentists are alright (they’re not really doctors though, are they?). But if there’s any setting that makes me uncomfortable, it’s a hospital.


They hit all the wrong notes for me. The empty white walls everywhere (I don’t like bare walls, and white is the worst colour to be boxed in) and the endless look-alike corridors that are in no way accommodating to my lack of natural compass (I mentioned I’m geographically challenged right?). Most prominently, the deep-seated belief is that people just go to these places to die – which is why for as long as I can remember I’ve always referred to them as ‘Death Factories’.

psycho_nurse_by_quasilucid-d4egejzAs a person who enjoys learning and getting to understand psychological and sociological processes, I know that there are a few reasons for me having this negative impression of government funded establishments in place to help us and save lives. Part of it will be that until the end of last year I had never needed to go to hospital myself. Part of it is because loved ones went into hospital with something very treatable and developed something fatal whilst in hospital. I understand this, but it won’t stop me not liking hospitals – and it sure as hell won’t stop me calling them death factories.

In case the question occurred to you, Hospital-memethe answer is that it’s nothing serious. I’m having wisdom teeth extracted is all. I just felt like documenting my thoughts on hospitals before I go. You know, in case I die or something in there. Trade in some teeth for some form of cancer. I know it won’t happen, but when the reception staff joke about dying during an extraction operation your mind goes to these places.

In any case, I leave you with two more of my personal theories/thoughts on healthcare before I make a move.


  1. Hospitals are death factories – you may go to A&E due to drunken related antics, but it still counts as a ‘near miss’. A death’s door visit.
  2. If anyone can make you want to kill yourself, it’s your counselor/therapist.


Wish me luck. I may post again later if I come home shit-faced on whatever drugs they give me for the procedure/recovery. Because that would be funny for everyone, right?



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2 thoughts on “Going To The DEATH FACTORY”

  1. Oh, this had me. It is the irony of my life. I agree with everything you say, yet I am studying to be a doctor. For me, the white walls are equivalent to a prison and a constant reminder of my high-school, which at many points felt the equivalent to hell. While I believe school is a special sort of hell it is, at the same time, something wonderful since it is a place to learn. Hospitals fall under the same concept. A supposed place of healing that hides death in every corner and instrument used to give life. Walking into a sterile, yet germ-infested room that wires your loved one to the room as death cradles them into either a deep slumber and throws the illusion that they can be saved, even when you know that they won’t last long in its arms. Pacing in a counselor’s room who doesn’t even offer any answers to your questions of why and how, finding yourself being pushed back into the dark farther than you have before because you realise that they don’t have the words nor comfort that you so desperately crave from a past that haunts you in your dreams and invades your thoughts at any given moment.

    Now, what do I hope to accomplish by being a doctor myself? Perhaps to prove to myself that all of these can be proven wrong, that the light that I’ve been searching for has always been by my side and that by being a doctor myself, I can find the way to shift the fine line between life and death that lurks and preys around every human being.

    Excellent post.

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    1. You spoil me with this – we can say what we like about doctors and hospital care, but we must respect the amount of work and dedication it takes to become one. I really hope that you succeed in your career path – I’ve no doubt you’ll make a difference 🙂

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