Nothing To Say

What a cop out, right?

As I find myself growing more and more disinterested in other people (and most other things really), I suppose it isn’t such a surprise that I have less to say. I find myself just putting rhymes together in my head, or trying to turn over the story plot I’m working on for a new angle to work with or a new element to add to the mix.

Just erase me, then, reanimate me. 

I’ve no stake here, I’ll take my leave dear,

Traverse the seas. Come fantasy

Farewell, adieu, I’m to be born anew.

Come now, I’ll show you how,

Won’t you see my world now?

292789b1ba34dc1bbe18a1a369abdf31Stuff like that. Maybe I could flesh that out at some point, as I have so little else to offer at present. I’ll put it with the other ifs and maybes – with any luck it will topple the pile and I will feel obliged to sort through some of them. #ProcratinationHero

I’ve not even looked into any new music at all over the last 2 weeks. This isn’t the end of the world, I’ve been listening to the same stuff really from my last two lists but it does mean that there is no Tunesday this week. Boo hoo!

Okay, I promise I will work on something over the next few days. Well, we will. Credit where credit is due, it’s always a team effort, is it not? For those readers confused by this (or my more frequent guests who were/are a little late to the party)…. Your doting author is made up of Me, Myself and I. Each have their own intentions, but mostly we’re on the same side now. We just sometimes play rough. But enough about all that. You can go back to the NobodyMusings origins yourself if you want to catch up (here is probably the best place to start, perhaps here if you don’t enjoy  random lyric vomit).

Anyway, I am going to keep this brief. It’s almost midnight, and I’m exhausted. It’s also only Monday – I need to sleep some time away.

Sleep well.

Listening To: Human – Three Days Grace


Image Source: Google Images

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