Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride

This is an expression I’ve found myself using a lot lately. Partly due to it being an appropriate summation of my life, partly due to the fact that I have found that I’ve had to tell the same stories more than once to the same people. It is not until the deja vu kicks in that I realise. “Wait a sec… I’ve said this exact same line to this person yesterday!


This got me thinking about why this particular saying appeals to me. I remember the first time I heard it was on a kid’s cartoon when I must have been around 10 years old. Like when you learn a new word later in life, once you’re aware of it you start hearing it everywhere. Except I didn’t so much hear it everywhere as much as simply adopt it as an expression over the common favourite: ‘Story Of My Life.’

whats-your-greatest-video-game-achievement-2-23542-1453823213-7_dblbigI think this resonates personally – socially, romantically and in terms of aspiration. I feel that I’m consistently falling short of my targets and dreams, and really have been all my life. You know that common interview question “What’s your greatest achievement?” That’s a great trigger for me to think “Well shit, Mister Manager Guy, truth be told I ain’t proud of much!” Although as I’ve gotten older I tend to blame myself less for these short-comings, my overly-analytic nature maintains its tendency to try and find reason (or at least a fun rhyme) to it all. For nought. Consistently. I think we saw that coming, right?

You may have noticed that I’m only using pictures from cartoons I watched as a kid (and may have re-watched a little later). It’s mainly because they’re appropriate (in my head at least) but partly because I think I would prefer to live in a cartoon. I’m done with everything else – just pencil me in for a 20 minute episode per day and each day is crazy and different.

I’ve digressed from the vague point I was trying to make… which I’ve lost sight of completely now. Thanks. Well done for letting me get so damn sidetracked! I now have as much point to me as a circle – I’m not even sorry. You let me escape on a tangent, so I’m going to drop bad geometry puns. Deal with it. SOH-CAH-TOA!


Anyway, creeping insanity (or leaking sanity… whatever) aside, I would like to say I’ve some findings on why I think that my goals are forever just out of reach, but I don’t. As a consolation for your time, here are some philosophies of my own:

The difference between “Can” and “Can’t” is will power.

The difference between “Will” and “Won’t” is inebriation.

Now in a sales environment  again, I’m thinking how to translate a few new techniques into a social format. Once I’ve made some progress on that, or found a solution for being perpetually second-rate, I’ll be dangerous I’m sure. There is no way I’d ever be on the good guys’ team. You all best hope I never get super powers, because I’m no hero.


Listening To: Candy Coated Fury – Reel Big Fish


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7 thoughts on “Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride”

  1. You make falling short of one’s goals/expectations such a charming thing….and, it doesn’t matter that I think you’ve accomplished so much more than you realize….after all, you can’t be expected to substitute my judgement for your own, but I do think you have so much going for you….including a wonderful gift for communication….thanks for this delightfully-amusing take on a universal and relatable lament 🙂

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  2. It’s funny. When you say that looking back at the things you’ve done, there’s not much you would consider as a grand accomplishment or even an accomplishment at all. I believe we, as people, tend to look at whatever we do and say, “That’s it? That’s all I did? Couldn’t I have done something more?” But, when you reveal what exactly had happened, the people you fear to be your worst critics are actually your best cheerleaders. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all do it, but we each have the power to point out another’s greatness and to encourage them to keep going even if they feel like they’ve stumbled into a wall. And just like trulyunplugged said, I think you already have the powers to break that wall and make a bad-ass villain who will one day find himself a hero, whether you know it or not.

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