Career Change (Secret’s Out)

First off, apologies for my absence. As hinted to in the last entry, my life has been focused around late nights drinking with friends, playing Pokemon GO, and dragging myself to and from work (that last part’s a lie, I enlisted help to drag me to work and back). But there has been a paradigm shift. Surely I’m not alone in saying we’ve all heard people around us joking about giving up work and becoming a full time Pokemon Trainer, or examples of people who already have? Well, my that is now my current career status – and it shall remain that way until I become a student again in September.

Straight Outta Pallet Town

This wasn’t exactly my call. I finally let the cat out of the bag to my superiors at work that I was going to university. To their credit, they were incredibly supportive and understanding. However, due to the stage we were at with new projects and deadlines, it made more sense to let me go early and pay me off – inviting me to come back in my breaks for potential project work. So now the new focus will be on writing, Pokemon, trying to drink less and sleep more. This is life now.

This is my summer ‘vacation‘ starting I guess! I was beginning to lose faith in being able to finish my first draft before September, but with being able to treat writing like a job again, it’s still a possibility. I’m  sure I’m right in saying that it’s a fortunate place to be when you see the bounty of benefits to being unemployed…. well, self-employed (thank you very much). I suppose that when your sentence in limbo is confirmed to just another 6 weeks, it’s a lot more tolerable.


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ReBlog: Road to Blogging

A great step by step guide to blogging. It looks simple, and if you follow the steps, you’ll realise it actually is that simple. If only I could follow my own advice….

The Learnify

Hello, young bloggers! If you are new on blogging and have lots of ideas to share, stories to inspire others, dreams to achieve your blogging goals, but puzzled how to start? don’t worry it’s not so complicated as you are thinking! Your success is just a few steps away. All you need is to follow these guidelines and start your journey

Here are your steps towards success:

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This is Life Now

I can stomach that I’ve been drinking every night since Thursday last week. I can accept that Pokemon GO is now a part of my life. These two things (with a side of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X) have dictated my whole life over the last few days. At least I can say I’m not alone. Even my least social friends made appearances!

I never thought that I’d be much of a fan of Pokemon GO. However, my forever depletedpgo2 phone battery stands in evidence of the contrary. It started as something to mess around with whilst out having a cigarette at work/home. I think it’s awoken my competitive nature from its slumber, as everyone is so intense about it. I know it’s probably because my closest friends are students with a whole summer ahead of them, but I guess I got carried away!

“The only consistencies in life are death, taxes, and Pokemon Go server crashes”.

pgo3I’m not sure of the source of this, but a friend read it to me earlier and it seems legitimately the case for so many at the moment! It has kept me from sometimes booting up my laptop at all for more than 24 hours, but if I believe enough in the power of the memes, I’m going to be in amazing shape in no time from egg hatching! One can hope right?

Work has become more of an obstacle than a focus, but I suppose that just means I’m settling in. I still need to break the news of my plans. I’ve thought it over, and I think I have to say something before the end of next week in order to fully benefit from maximum pay without ruining summer plans and having a couple weeks off before life starts again at 23 – if you know what I mean! In all honesty, it’s a good job with some great people. I hope there may be a future there of some description.

I will love you and leave you. I have to do that whole ‘9’ part of a 9-5 job and all. May the servers forever work in your favor… if they ever start working properly at all.



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I’m just going to put this out there. I do not like hospitals. I’m not really a fan of doctors. Dentists are alright (they’re not really doctors though, are they?). But if there’s any setting that makes me uncomfortable, it’s a hospital.


They hit all the wrong notes for me. The empty white walls everywhere (I don’t like bare walls, and white is the worst colour to be boxed in) and the endless look-alike corridors that are in no way accommodating to my lack of natural compass (I mentioned I’m geographically challenged right?). Most prominently, the deep-seated belief is that people just go to these places to die – which is why for as long as I can remember I’ve always referred to them as ‘Death Factories’.

psycho_nurse_by_quasilucid-d4egejzAs a person who enjoys learning and getting to understand psychological and sociological processes, I know that there are a few reasons for me having this negative impression of government funded establishments in place to help us and save lives. Part of it will be that until the end of last year I had never needed to go to hospital myself. Part of it is because loved ones went into hospital with something very treatable and developed something fatal whilst in hospital. I understand this, but it won’t stop me not liking hospitals – and it sure as hell won’t stop me calling them death factories.

In case the question occurred to you, Hospital-memethe answer is that it’s nothing serious. I’m having wisdom teeth extracted is all. I just felt like documenting my thoughts on hospitals before I go. You know, in case I die or something in there. Trade in some teeth for some form of cancer. I know it won’t happen, but when the reception staff joke about dying during an extraction operation your mind goes to these places.

In any case, I leave you with two more of my personal theories/thoughts on healthcare before I make a move.


  1. Hospitals are death factories – you may go to A&E due to drunken related antics, but it still counts as a ‘near miss’. A death’s door visit.
  2. If anyone can make you want to kill yourself, it’s your counselor/therapist.


Wish me luck. I may post again later if I come home shit-faced on whatever drugs they give me for the procedure/recovery. Because that would be funny for everyone, right?



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Nothing To Say

What a cop out, right?

As I find myself growing more and more disinterested in other people (and most other things really), I suppose it isn’t such a surprise that I have less to say. I find myself just putting rhymes together in my head, or trying to turn over the story plot I’m working on for a new angle to work with or a new element to add to the mix.

Just erase me, then, reanimate me. 

I’ve no stake here, I’ll take my leave dear,

Traverse the seas. Come fantasy

Farewell, adieu, I’m to be born anew.

Come now, I’ll show you how,

Won’t you see my world now?

292789b1ba34dc1bbe18a1a369abdf31Stuff like that. Maybe I could flesh that out at some point, as I have so little else to offer at present. I’ll put it with the other ifs and maybes – with any luck it will topple the pile and I will feel obliged to sort through some of them. #ProcratinationHero

I’ve not even looked into any new music at all over the last 2 weeks. This isn’t the end of the world, I’ve been listening to the same stuff really from my last two lists but it does mean that there is no Tunesday this week. Boo hoo!

Okay, I promise I will work on something over the next few days. Well, we will. Credit where credit is due, it’s always a team effort, is it not? For those readers confused by this (or my more frequent guests who were/are a little late to the party)…. Your doting author is made up of Me, Myself and I. Each have their own intentions, but mostly we’re on the same side now. We just sometimes play rough. But enough about all that. You can go back to the NobodyMusings origins yourself if you want to catch up (here is probably the best place to start, perhaps here if you don’t enjoy  random lyric vomit).

Anyway, I am going to keep this brief. It’s almost midnight, and I’m exhausted. It’s also only Monday – I need to sleep some time away.

Sleep well.

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Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride

This is an expression I’ve found myself using a lot lately. Partly due to it being an appropriate summation of my life, partly due to the fact that I have found that I’ve had to tell the same stories more than once to the same people. It is not until the deja vu kicks in that I realise. “Wait a sec… I’ve said this exact same line to this person yesterday!


This got me thinking about why this particular saying appeals to me. I remember the first time I heard it was on a kid’s cartoon when I must have been around 10 years old. Like when you learn a new word later in life, once you’re aware of it you start hearing it everywhere. Except I didn’t so much hear it everywhere as much as simply adopt it as an expression over the common favourite: ‘Story Of My Life.’

whats-your-greatest-video-game-achievement-2-23542-1453823213-7_dblbigI think this resonates personally – socially, romantically and in terms of aspiration. I feel that I’m consistently falling short of my targets and dreams, and really have been all my life. You know that common interview question “What’s your greatest achievement?” That’s a great trigger for me to think “Well shit, Mister Manager Guy, truth be told I ain’t proud of much!” Although as I’ve gotten older I tend to blame myself less for these short-comings, my overly-analytic nature maintains its tendency to try and find reason (or at least a fun rhyme) to it all. For nought. Consistently. I think we saw that coming, right?

You may have noticed that I’m only using pictures from cartoons I watched as a kid (and may have re-watched a little later). It’s mainly because they’re appropriate (in my head at least) but partly because I think I would prefer to live in a cartoon. I’m done with everything else – just pencil me in for a 20 minute episode per day and each day is crazy and different.

I’ve digressed from the vague point I was trying to make… which I’ve lost sight of completely now. Thanks. Well done for letting me get so damn sidetracked! I now have as much point to me as a circle – I’m not even sorry. You let me escape on a tangent, so I’m going to drop bad geometry puns. Deal with it. SOH-CAH-TOA!


Anyway, creeping insanity (or leaking sanity… whatever) aside, I would like to say I’ve some findings on why I think that my goals are forever just out of reach, but I don’t. As a consolation for your time, here are some philosophies of my own:

The difference between “Can” and “Can’t” is will power.

The difference between “Will” and “Won’t” is inebriation.

Now in a sales environment  again, I’m thinking how to translate a few new techniques into a social format. Once I’ve made some progress on that, or found a solution for being perpetually second-rate, I’ll be dangerous I’m sure. There is no way I’d ever be on the good guys’ team. You all best hope I never get super powers, because I’m no hero.


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