Tunesday 28/06/2016

So today is Tuesday Tunesday. Yeah, I know it’s late, as it’s technically an hour into Wednesday. Ummm…. Deal with it?

If you like punk rock and/or Motley Crue you may well enjoy these. So let’s see what I’ve been listening to lately.

Dr. Feelgood – The MavericksVA•NO•2014•AAC

So back when Motley Crue announced their final world tour (All Bad Things Must Come To An End), a bunch of country artists paid tribute to the band by covering some of their most popular songs. This formed Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute to Motley Crue. This is not only my favourite song on the album, but my favourite song on this list. I love how they took such an iconic song and put an entirely new spin on it with such an amazing result!

Wild Side – Gretchen WilsonVA•NO•2014•AAC

Yes, I did enjoy these country covers of one of my all time favourite bands so much that 2 songs are appearing together on the same list. More or less for the same reasons. Ever been a little lost translating Vince Neil’s screeched lyrics in some of the Crue’s tracks? Listen to this and the others to find out what you may have misheard!

Blister in the Sun – Violent FemmesViolent_Femmes

This is definitely a gem that I should have discovered sooner. It’s hard to choose a track from them, so I’ve linked a playlist of the debut album – which starts with ‘Blister in the Sun’. Violent Femmes are a punk/folk rock band from the early 80’s – so naturally I’d recommend it. Amusing lyrics, easy listening and (relatively) unoffensive.


Popular Consensus – Bad Religion

Bad Religion never hesitate to paint a picture of what they think of political affairs and drop biblical references like no tomorrow, but this is HUGELY relevent given the recent EU referendum here in the UK (Or is it just me?). This is one my phone keeps churning out ‘at random‘ and has stuck in mind.

Dearly Beloved – (Kingdom Hearts) AmaLee Dearly Beloved

There’s always a geeky track on my lists – what can I say? You may remember AmaLee has appeared before with her English cover of ‘Paper Moon’ from Soul Eater? This is an original song written to accompany the musical piece to the opening of Kingdom Hearts and it knocked me for an emotional six. LOVE IT.

My Shot – Hamilton  (An American Musical Original Cast)1035x1035-hamilton---digital-album-cover---final_sq-6aec6877614608af10cf4169380c490a7e78bf5f

Surprisingly a Hamilton track has not made it onto the previous lists, but I can safely say I’ve listened to ‘My Shot’ at least once a day for the past two weeks, usually accompanied by the tracks that follow. The great thing about it is it’s one of the few tracks that doesn’t rely on the one before or after to be appreciated fully. I can’t wait for Hamilton to hit London in 2017 (SQUEEE!).

Shout at the Devil (live)- Disturbed ft. Sixx: A.M.James-Michael-David-Draiman

AND you thought I was done with covers? Well this is a damn good one. At Hellfest over in France, the weekend before last, Disturbed welcomed Sixx:A.M. onstage and the two bands collaborated on a cover of ‘Shout At The Devil‘ which was just awesome. Let’s face it, even if it was just James Michael or David Draiman singing, it blows the Vince Neil of today out of the water. These guys still have their pipes!

Run, Don’t Walk – Hey Mondayholdontight

This was a nostalgia trip for me. I’d totally forgotten about Hey Monday since 2010. Pop-Punk. Paramore-esque. I only thought of them as Cassadee Pope (singer) performed on Nashville Outlaws and I recognised her name and had to know where from! This track just jumped out at me as being relevant to how I feel at this point in life in several ways.

Paralyzer – Finger ElevenF11

This is probably the only song I liked by Finger Eleven. I can’t really explain this one. It’s a song I just haven’t really tired of, and have just stuck on at the start of a random shuffle more often lately. It’s a cool track. Nothing else to it.

Alright Alright (Here’s My Fist, Where’s the Fight?) – Sahara Hotnights

jenniebombWithout a doubt, one of my favourite songs from a female fronted punk band. I remember hearing it for the first time on the original Jackass: The Movie album (There was some alright stuff on that, wasn’t there?). This has been used, played as loud as possible, to wake me up in the morning and get some energy going for work. It usually does at least the former.


Image Source: Google Images

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