Working 9 to 5

Well, it appears that my plan to get back to writing daily did not accommodate the fact that spending the better part of 7 hours a day in a training room makes me extremely lethargic. My bad… The training is going well enough though. Bordering on tedious at times, but there are some great characters in the room with me so I can’t complain.


I’m still getting used to starting any kind of work in the AM, and as we know that I write mainly between 11pm and 4am – so this has completely thrown me off! I tried to do some writing mid last week and kept nodding off at the keyboard. I did manage to get some done over the week, but only a meager offering. Hopefully, starting this week, I can turn that around. I have my own deadlines to be working to after all. I mean it this time! 1920px-Britney_Spears_Hollywood_Star

So my boredom has not really been alleviated much by having full time work that has to be done during daylight hours. In honesty, I’m getting tired of nights out too. It feels like I’m waiting for something without knowing what that ‘something‘ is. By my own personal/spiritual compass, I know I should be doing something to steer myself towards finding ‘it‘, but I have no clue how. It’s becoming problematic, particularly when I don’t have the energy to act on my instincts. This is exactly how I felt just before my decision to move to London – which I have come to refer to as ‘Doing a Britney.’  I cut my long hair short, left my job, girlfriend and family with very little notice. I don’t know what extreme response I will have if I don’t find a solution soon! Perhaps I’ll flee the country this time?


Of course, I know I won’t do that. Not yet, anyway. I’m playing a waiting game. On the subject, as these entries now have exposure to some people I will be working with I have to be a little tactical in what I share. Doing this, however, has shown me something in the people around me – both in and out of work. What I have learned is whilst I am a very poor liar, a secret is easily kept when no one really asks the right question. It’s incredible how much people can talk about themselves and their own lives, really. I wonder when ‘being a good listener‘ will pay off… Bahahaha!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. I will post tomorrow for Tunesday (and I have found some neat ‘new‘ stuff for my library) and endeavor to get back on track – perhaps I’ll even produce some decent content! It feels like it’s been too long since I contributed anything of much relevance here.


Listening To: Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute To Motley Crue


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3 thoughts on “Working 9 to 5”

  1. I really enjoyed your post…you have a very engaging way of communicating…charming 🙂 And, I get the whole needing to find balance but not having the inclination to tackle it full force….so many variables to navigate….including, finding a way to write when your schedule is not ideal….Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. It’s incredibly satisfying, not to mention reassuring, when within 30mins of submitting content I have feedback from someone who has followed my entries from very near the beginning – thank you for your encouragement and understanding!

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