Crash Landing

I have finally returned. To be more accurate, I landed back in the UK Tuesday night, but I set off for a little get together in Nottingham the following day, barely stopping home in between. Now I’m back and have some writing to catch up on!

The crap-snap in question

Amsterdam was pretty great. The trip taught me a lot of things. Firstly, it taught me about how much alcohol I can tolerate. Secondly, it taught me that I really should cut larger out of my drinking diet. Thirdly, I really don’t have any ‘photographic’ sense (is that a thing? Well, it is now!) . The latter of these lessons was proven in that I only took one blurry picture of the canals lit up at night, with a small tower on the horizon. Funnily enough, it was this photo that saved us when we got lost on the second night as I remember taking the photo – it matched us up with where we thought we were!

Whilst a lot of fun was had, the accumulative hangover that hit Tuesday morning was devastating. Maintaining a vertical stance was a battle that I struggled to wage for the entire day. It wasn’t until our flight took off around 10pm that evening that I started to feel like I may live to see another day.


I really do need to re-stabilise (not too sure if I’m joking or not) before the new job starts Monday. You know, one of those proper 9-5 office gigs? It’s just down the road from where I used to work before I moved to London, funnily enough. I’m sure I’ll be fine! In any case, as of Monday I need to having my writing schedule reinstated and readjusted to accommodate not writing at 4am… This may take some time, but we shall see.

I feel the wind of change a’blowing…


Listening To: Nothing Personal – All Time Low


Image Source: Google Images, photo

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