Ready, Jet Set, Go!

Today, I’m reporting in from Amsterdam.

See? I’m not just full of hot air! I invited any one of my friends to come last minute for a 4 day trip. I got an instant, unquestioning yes – followed by a string of the usual excuses (money, work, ect.). Within 24 hours we had a trip booked, and within 48 hours we landed in Amsterdam (Yesterday evening).

I was tempted to post when we got back, around 5.30am. I decided that it may be best to actually get some sleep so we can make a day out of Sunday.


This city is beautiful. Being a total tourist and long-term UK captive , everything has a magical glow. We don’t have any connection to the internet or mobile networks unless we’re in the hotel, so we have to navigate with actual maps. The canals, which initially proved a charming attraction, proved to be quite a pain at times when trying to navigate in a more or less consistent direction.

This is just a short report, we’re going out to explore whilst we have some daylight.

Wish you were here


Listening To: Ixnay On The Hombre – The Offspring


Image Source: Google Images

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