I am so god-damn bored.

Bored of the free time.

Bored of the limited work I do.

Bored of doing the same shit for ‘fun‘.

Bored of my own company.

I want a change somewhere, but don’t know where to make it. Usually I’d rearrange all the furniture in my room/house when I get like this, but I don’t have that option here. I went for a haircut today, and it looks shit. No one seems to be around to do anything. I’m looking at flights going out tomorrow to see if I can just go on my own adventure. I really need to find a full-time partner in crime….


This does appear to be me throwing a tantrum. I’d like to say it’s not what it looks like, but I don’t know who to talk to about being bored with life so I’m throwing my toys out of the pram in a public domain like everyone else does. You’ll get over it, and so will I.

I always thought that only boring people complained about being bored – and people with severe ADHD, of course. I sometimes think I might be getting boring, but I know that isn’t the problem here. When I started writing this blog and in my journal, I was at war with voices in my head. Now they aren’t fighting as much, now that there isn’t a constant conflict, there are spaces that no one thing or person can seem to fill. It’s almost as bad as it was before at times, and I find myself less and less interested in anything.

pinochioI actually got some decent work lined up with a very respectable company recently. I’m not really excited about it at all. I went on a couple of dates with a really nice girl I met recently. I don’t think it’s going anywhere, and certainly nowhere fast. I just want someone to animate me and put me in a cartoon. The truth may be stranger than fiction, but it makes far less interesting stories. I’m just about done with anything non-fiction now.

Rant over, say sorry.


Listening To: Death To Analog – Julien-K


Image Source: Google Images

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