Tunesday 07/06/2016

So today is Tuesday Tunesday. I’ve had to deal with listening to a lot of new stuff that wasn’t so good (Sick Puppies’ Fury, Rob Zombie’s new… music…?) whilst picking out the gems. I have quite the random list of what I’ve been listening to most lately.

Disease – Hollywood Undead HollywoodUndead

I really enjoyed their ‘Day of the Dead’ album – this and War Child are my top picks. This Disease is infectious – there isn’t much else to it. Give it a shot.


Off With Her Head – Icon For Hire Icon-For-Hire-Scripted

This comes off ‘Scripted‘ – it’s worth listening to this full album, but not so much on the self-titled album – which was a bit bland. If you’re like me and looking to replace Paramore (of Riot! era) with something, this may be a good place to start.


Stick to Your Guns – Sick Puppies fury

Sad to say, but this is really the only song Sick Puppies have going for them on their new album ‘Fury’ which came out a couple weeks back. It’s the first album out since replacing Shimon Moore on vocals. That being said, this is a great track with a real edge and showing promise as a single. Hopefully there will be more in the future like this without a whole album of sub-par music behind it.


Well, Everyone’s F*cking In A U.F.O. – Rob Zombie RobZombieElectricWarlock

I’m really not a fan of Rob Zombie – but this song will not leave me alone! But I suppose the appeal to me is the same nonsensical attraction that Psy had with Gangnam Style. But this is metal. I think… Try it for a laugh, see if it sticks!


Getaway Car – Smash Mouth smashmouth

Smash Mouth are great, and I’ve been listening to them for a few years (yes, they did more than All Star and Why Can’t We Be Friends!). The reason this track in particular is here is because whenever I’ve put my phone on shuffle over the last 2 weeks it comes up in the first 5-6 tracks or so for some reason. Subsequently, I’ve been humming the beat involuntarily…


Build Me Up Buttercup – Fly Away Hero flyawayhero

I make no secret that The Foundations’ version of this track is my ultimate guilty pleasure track. This punk cover of it is pretty cool, and slots it into playlists the original would never have fit in. So this one is probably here to stay.


Stella – All Time LowStella – All Time Low NothingPersonal

This is a nostalgia thing. I recently downloaded the full ‘Nothing Personal’ album, but this is the one that stuck. I liked it best when I was collecting beer bottles nightly in my room as a teenager, and it only resonates more now that I’m older.


Want You Gone – (Portal 2) Natewantstobattle hqdefault

Going so strong on keeping the geek out of this week until now! This is the ending track from the video game Portal 2, but covered by Youtuber NateWantsToBattle. This guy is absolutely amazing for covering anime and video game tracks, by the way. If you’ve played the game, or heard of Nate, check it!


This Ship’s Going Down – Voltaire voltaire

I have been listening to a lot of Voltaire lately, educating myself in his obscure and abstract repertoire. It’s been a delight. This track takes it for the recent times. Whenever I’ve come back home in a poor mood, this has put me in ease – which is strange considering the lyrics are about being on a sinking ship – but it’s okay, because we’re all going together!


You – The Pretty Reckless Light Me Up

I sang Taylor Momsen’s praises in my review of TPR’s ‘Light Me Up’ about a week ago. You just strikes right in the feels. Partly because of the contrast to the rest of the album and and partly how beautiful it sounds. After listening to all of the above, it rounds all the chaos off nicely.

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