What’s The Charge?

When I set out to keep a blog, one of the things I promised myself is that it wouldn’t be a public cry for help, or a channel for negative energy. In short, I guess you could say that having an overall negative charge has caused me to refrain from posting for a little while.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve had a lot happening that is to be appreciated. Between Comic comicon1Con in London last weekend, meeting a few new friends and a few more personal events there’s plenty to be happy about. However, between the good times has been the feeling that the sky is falling – I’m sure this isn’t an alien notion. If it is, then good for you: You are either doing life right, or have been successfully dissensitised to the world we live in. In either circumstance, I suppose you are to be envied.

Back to the subject at hand (or lack thereof), I have not allowed myself to write up a review of the subjects with a negative charge (go fishing in the Community Pool, it’s easy enough to find something like that if that’s what you’re looking for) and I haven’t had enough body to the postive events to dish up a literary hors d’oeuvre. However, I have come up with a new social theory – and theories are based on evidence and a sound hypothesis, regardless of ‘charge.’

‘As humans, we create and aggrivate our own weaknesses in the fragile way we form relationships with one another. We then proceed on a path of destruction for ourselves and/or those made vunerable to us. Whether or not this is intentional is really of little consequence.’


I have formulated this with relatively little bitterness, and with depleting interest in the subject. Over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed so many people lose themselves in grief over the words and actions of someone else in their lives. I’ve spent a lot of time following my own stupid instincts in trying to aid in the recovery process. However, all I have discovered is that people are slow, and often selective, learners. Myself included. If only empathy would give way to wisdom – and on the same conversion scale, water to wine!

Negative-VS-Postive-Gearing-BlogPerhaps this theory is too pessimistic? What of those who have acheived in establishing and maintaining a balanced relationshhip over a long period of time? I could pretend I have the answer, but I’ll be honest and say that whilst it may well lie in a future post it won’t be found here. I respect those who have found equilibrium, but given the immediate evidence the odds of replicating the result by repeating the sequence of events or passing on the data are not in our favour.

I don’t often wish for things – even less so for anything that benefits humanity. But tonight, I’ll make an exception (you’re welcome). I wish people would just learn to value basic principles, find mutual respect for each other, and establish rooted faith in themselves and their worth. Maybe then we could actually get on with procrastinating and not saving the whales/O-Zone/rainforest/Ferris like the well-adjusted Earth-paracites most of us are! (Naww, you thought I was going somewhere with that!)

P.S.: 90% of what I write is written whilst enebriated. #SorryNotSorry

P.S.S: I’ve already lost interest in the subject matter. How fleeting thoughts can be!

P.S.S.: Codependency is cancerous – Be your own person.

Listening To: Recipe for Hate – Bad Religion


Image Source: Google Images, Photo taken at Comic Con, London, 2016

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3 thoughts on “What’s The Charge?”

      1. So glad to help in any small way…you have a real gift for sharing and connection….take the time you need, but try to remember that you have something invaluable to offer (I must remind myself of the same thing at times, so I can really relate to your reluctance to share/post when you are trying to move through/past demoralization)…. 🙂 You are awesome 🙂

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