Tunesday 28/06/2016

So today is Tuesday Tunesday. Yeah, I know it’s late, as it’s technically an hour into Wednesday. Ummm…. Deal with it?

If you like punk rock and/or Motley Crue you may well enjoy these. So let’s see what I’ve been listening to lately.

Dr. Feelgood – The MavericksVA•NO•2014•AAC

So back when Motley Crue announced their final world tour (All Bad Things Must Come To An End), a bunch of country artists paid tribute to the band by covering some of their most popular songs. This formed Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute to Motley Crue. This is not only my favourite song on the album, but my favourite song on this list. I love how they took such an iconic song and put an entirely new spin on it with such an amazing result!

Wild Side – Gretchen WilsonVA•NO•2014•AAC

Yes, I did enjoy these country covers of one of my all time favourite bands so much that 2 songs are appearing together on the same list. More or less for the same reasons. Ever been a little lost translating Vince Neil’s screeched lyrics in some of the Crue’s tracks? Listen to this and the others to find out what you may have misheard!

Blister in the Sun – Violent FemmesViolent_Femmes

This is definitely a gem that I should have discovered sooner. It’s hard to choose a track from them, so I’ve linked a playlist of the debut album – which starts with ‘Blister in the Sun’. Violent Femmes are a punk/folk rock band from the early 80’s – so naturally I’d recommend it. Amusing lyrics, easy listening and (relatively) unoffensive.


Popular Consensus – Bad Religion

Bad Religion never hesitate to paint a picture of what they think of political affairs and drop biblical references like no tomorrow, but this is HUGELY relevent given the recent EU referendum here in the UK (Or is it just me?). This is one my phone keeps churning out ‘at random‘ and has stuck in mind.

Dearly Beloved – (Kingdom Hearts) AmaLee Dearly Beloved

There’s always a geeky track on my lists – what can I say? You may remember AmaLee has appeared before with her English cover of ‘Paper Moon’ from Soul Eater? This is an original song written to accompany the musical piece to the opening of Kingdom Hearts and it knocked me for an emotional six. LOVE IT.

My Shot – Hamilton  (An American Musical Original Cast)1035x1035-hamilton---digital-album-cover---final_sq-6aec6877614608af10cf4169380c490a7e78bf5f

Surprisingly a Hamilton track has not made it onto the previous lists, but I can safely say I’ve listened to ‘My Shot’ at least once a day for the past two weeks, usually accompanied by the tracks that follow. The great thing about it is it’s one of the few tracks that doesn’t rely on the one before or after to be appreciated fully. I can’t wait for Hamilton to hit London in 2017 (SQUEEE!).

Shout at the Devil (live)- Disturbed ft. Sixx: A.M.James-Michael-David-Draiman

AND you thought I was done with covers? Well this is a damn good one. At Hellfest over in France, the weekend before last, Disturbed welcomed Sixx:A.M. onstage and the two bands collaborated on a cover of ‘Shout At The Devil‘ which was just awesome. Let’s face it, even if it was just James Michael or David Draiman singing, it blows the Vince Neil of today out of the water. These guys still have their pipes!

Run, Don’t Walk – Hey Mondayholdontight

This was a nostalgia trip for me. I’d totally forgotten about Hey Monday since 2010. Pop-Punk. Paramore-esque. I only thought of them as Cassadee Pope (singer) performed on Nashville Outlaws and I recognised her name and had to know where from! This track just jumped out at me as being relevant to how I feel at this point in life in several ways.

Paralyzer – Finger ElevenF11

This is probably the only song I liked by Finger Eleven. I can’t really explain this one. It’s a song I just haven’t really tired of, and have just stuck on at the start of a random shuffle more often lately. It’s a cool track. Nothing else to it.

Alright Alright (Here’s My Fist, Where’s the Fight?) – Sahara Hotnights

jenniebombWithout a doubt, one of my favourite songs from a female fronted punk band. I remember hearing it for the first time on the original Jackass: The Movie album (There was some alright stuff on that, wasn’t there?). This has been used, played as loud as possible, to wake me up in the morning and get some energy going for work. It usually does at least the former.


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Working 9 to 5

Well, it appears that my plan to get back to writing daily did not accommodate the fact that spending the better part of 7 hours a day in a training room makes me extremely lethargic. My bad… The training is going well enough though. Bordering on tedious at times, but there are some great characters in the room with me so I can’t complain.


I’m still getting used to starting any kind of work in the AM, and as we know that I write mainly between 11pm and 4am – so this has completely thrown me off! I tried to do some writing mid last week and kept nodding off at the keyboard. I did manage to get some done over the week, but only a meager offering. Hopefully, starting this week, I can turn that around. I have my own deadlines to be working to after all. I mean it this time! 1920px-Britney_Spears_Hollywood_Star

So my boredom has not really been alleviated much by having full time work that has to be done during daylight hours. In honesty, I’m getting tired of nights out too. It feels like I’m waiting for something without knowing what that ‘something‘ is. By my own personal/spiritual compass, I know I should be doing something to steer myself towards finding ‘it‘, but I have no clue how. It’s becoming problematic, particularly when I don’t have the energy to act on my instincts. This is exactly how I felt just before my decision to move to London – which I have come to refer to as ‘Doing a Britney.’  I cut my long hair short, left my job, girlfriend and family with very little notice. I don’t know what extreme response I will have if I don’t find a solution soon! Perhaps I’ll flee the country this time?


Of course, I know I won’t do that. Not yet, anyway. I’m playing a waiting game. On the subject, as these entries now have exposure to some people I will be working with I have to be a little tactical in what I share. Doing this, however, has shown me something in the people around me – both in and out of work. What I have learned is whilst I am a very poor liar, a secret is easily kept when no one really asks the right question. It’s incredible how much people can talk about themselves and their own lives, really. I wonder when ‘being a good listener‘ will pay off… Bahahaha!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. I will post tomorrow for Tunesday (and I have found some neat ‘new‘ stuff for my library) and endeavor to get back on track – perhaps I’ll even produce some decent content! It feels like it’s been too long since I contributed anything of much relevance here.


Listening To: Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute To Motley Crue


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Crash Landing

I have finally returned. To be more accurate, I landed back in the UK Tuesday night, but I set off for a little get together in Nottingham the following day, barely stopping home in between. Now I’m back and have some writing to catch up on!

The crap-snap in question

Amsterdam was pretty great. The trip taught me a lot of things. Firstly, it taught me about how much alcohol I can tolerate. Secondly, it taught me that I really should cut larger out of my drinking diet. Thirdly, I really don’t have any ‘photographic’ sense (is that a thing? Well, it is now!) . The latter of these lessons was proven in that I only took one blurry picture of the canals lit up at night, with a small tower on the horizon. Funnily enough, it was this photo that saved us when we got lost on the second night as I remember taking the photo – it matched us up with where we thought we were!

Whilst a lot of fun was had, the accumulative hangover that hit Tuesday morning was devastating. Maintaining a vertical stance was a battle that I struggled to wage for the entire day. It wasn’t until our flight took off around 10pm that evening that I started to feel like I may live to see another day.


I really do need to re-stabilise (not too sure if I’m joking or not) before the new job starts Monday. You know, one of those proper 9-5 office gigs? It’s just down the road from where I used to work before I moved to London, funnily enough. I’m sure I’ll be fine! In any case, as of Monday I need to having my writing schedule reinstated and readjusted to accommodate not writing at 4am… This may take some time, but we shall see.

I feel the wind of change a’blowing…


Listening To: Nothing Personal – All Time Low


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Ready, Jet Set, Go!

Today, I’m reporting in from Amsterdam.

See? I’m not just full of hot air! I invited any one of my friends to come last minute for a 4 day trip. I got an instant, unquestioning yes – followed by a string of the usual excuses (money, work, ect.). Within 24 hours we had a trip booked, and within 48 hours we landed in Amsterdam (Yesterday evening).

I was tempted to post when we got back, around 5.30am. I decided that it may be best to actually get some sleep so we can make a day out of Sunday.


This city is beautiful. Being a total tourist and long-term UK captive , everything has a magical glow. We don’t have any connection to the internet or mobile networks unless we’re in the hotel, so we have to navigate with actual maps. The canals, which initially proved a charming attraction, proved to be quite a pain at times when trying to navigate in a more or less consistent direction.

This is just a short report, we’re going out to explore whilst we have some daylight.

Wish you were here


Listening To: Ixnay On The Hombre – The Offspring


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I am so god-damn bored.

Bored of the free time.

Bored of the limited work I do.

Bored of doing the same shit for ‘fun‘.

Bored of my own company.

I want a change somewhere, but don’t know where to make it. Usually I’d rearrange all the furniture in my room/house when I get like this, but I don’t have that option here. I went for a haircut today, and it looks shit. No one seems to be around to do anything. I’m looking at flights going out tomorrow to see if I can just go on my own adventure. I really need to find a full-time partner in crime….


This does appear to be me throwing a tantrum. I’d like to say it’s not what it looks like, but I don’t know who to talk to about being bored with life so I’m throwing my toys out of the pram in a public domain like everyone else does. You’ll get over it, and so will I.

I always thought that only boring people complained about being bored – and people with severe ADHD, of course. I sometimes think I might be getting boring, but I know that isn’t the problem here. When I started writing this blog and in my journal, I was at war with voices in my head. Now they aren’t fighting as much, now that there isn’t a constant conflict, there are spaces that no one thing or person can seem to fill. It’s almost as bad as it was before at times, and I find myself less and less interested in anything.

pinochioI actually got some decent work lined up with a very respectable company recently. I’m not really excited about it at all. I went on a couple of dates with a really nice girl I met recently. I don’t think it’s going anywhere, and certainly nowhere fast. I just want someone to animate me and put me in a cartoon. The truth may be stranger than fiction, but it makes far less interesting stories. I’m just about done with anything non-fiction now.

Rant over, say sorry.


Listening To: Death To Analog – Julien-K


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Tunesday 07/06/2016

So today is Tuesday Tunesday. I’ve had to deal with listening to a lot of new stuff that wasn’t so good (Sick Puppies’ Fury, Rob Zombie’s new… music…?) whilst picking out the gems. I have quite the random list of what I’ve been listening to most lately.

Disease – Hollywood Undead HollywoodUndead

I really enjoyed their ‘Day of the Dead’ album – this and War Child are my top picks. This Disease is infectious – there isn’t much else to it. Give it a shot.


Off With Her Head – Icon For Hire Icon-For-Hire-Scripted

This comes off ‘Scripted‘ – it’s worth listening to this full album, but not so much on the self-titled album – which was a bit bland. If you’re like me and looking to replace Paramore (of Riot! era) with something, this may be a good place to start.


Stick to Your Guns – Sick Puppies fury

Sad to say, but this is really the only song Sick Puppies have going for them on their new album ‘Fury’ which came out a couple weeks back. It’s the first album out since replacing Shimon Moore on vocals. That being said, this is a great track with a real edge and showing promise as a single. Hopefully there will be more in the future like this without a whole album of sub-par music behind it.


Well, Everyone’s F*cking In A U.F.O. – Rob Zombie RobZombieElectricWarlock

I’m really not a fan of Rob Zombie – but this song will not leave me alone! But I suppose the appeal to me is the same nonsensical attraction that Psy had with Gangnam Style. But this is metal. I think… Try it for a laugh, see if it sticks!


Getaway Car – Smash Mouth smashmouth

Smash Mouth are great, and I’ve been listening to them for a few years (yes, they did more than All Star and Why Can’t We Be Friends!). The reason this track in particular is here is because whenever I’ve put my phone on shuffle over the last 2 weeks it comes up in the first 5-6 tracks or so for some reason. Subsequently, I’ve been humming the beat involuntarily…


Build Me Up Buttercup – Fly Away Hero flyawayhero

I make no secret that The Foundations’ version of this track is my ultimate guilty pleasure track. This punk cover of it is pretty cool, and slots it into playlists the original would never have fit in. So this one is probably here to stay.


Stella – All Time LowStella – All Time Low NothingPersonal

This is a nostalgia thing. I recently downloaded the full ‘Nothing Personal’ album, but this is the one that stuck. I liked it best when I was collecting beer bottles nightly in my room as a teenager, and it only resonates more now that I’m older.


Want You Gone – (Portal 2) Natewantstobattle hqdefault

Going so strong on keeping the geek out of this week until now! This is the ending track from the video game Portal 2, but covered by Youtuber NateWantsToBattle. This guy is absolutely amazing for covering anime and video game tracks, by the way. If you’ve played the game, or heard of Nate, check it!


This Ship’s Going Down – Voltaire voltaire

I have been listening to a lot of Voltaire lately, educating myself in his obscure and abstract repertoire. It’s been a delight. This track takes it for the recent times. Whenever I’ve come back home in a poor mood, this has put me in ease – which is strange considering the lyrics are about being on a sinking ship – but it’s okay, because we’re all going together!


You – The Pretty Reckless Light Me Up

I sang Taylor Momsen’s praises in my review of TPR’s ‘Light Me Up’ about a week ago. You just strikes right in the feels. Partly because of the contrast to the rest of the album and and partly how beautiful it sounds. After listening to all of the above, it rounds all the chaos off nicely.

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What’s The Charge?

When I set out to keep a blog, one of the things I promised myself is that it wouldn’t be a public cry for help, or a channel for negative energy. In short, I guess you could say that having an overall negative charge has caused me to refrain from posting for a little while.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve had a lot happening that is to be appreciated. Between Comic comicon1Con in London last weekend, meeting a few new friends and a few more personal events there’s plenty to be happy about. However, between the good times has been the feeling that the sky is falling – I’m sure this isn’t an alien notion. If it is, then good for you: You are either doing life right, or have been successfully dissensitised to the world we live in. In either circumstance, I suppose you are to be envied.

Back to the subject at hand (or lack thereof), I have not allowed myself to write up a review of the subjects with a negative charge (go fishing in the Community Pool, it’s easy enough to find something like that if that’s what you’re looking for) and I haven’t had enough body to the postive events to dish up a literary hors d’oeuvre. However, I have come up with a new social theory – and theories are based on evidence and a sound hypothesis, regardless of ‘charge.’

‘As humans, we create and aggrivate our own weaknesses in the fragile way we form relationships with one another. We then proceed on a path of destruction for ourselves and/or those made vunerable to us. Whether or not this is intentional is really of little consequence.’


I have formulated this with relatively little bitterness, and with depleting interest in the subject. Over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed so many people lose themselves in grief over the words and actions of someone else in their lives. I’ve spent a lot of time following my own stupid instincts in trying to aid in the recovery process. However, all I have discovered is that people are slow, and often selective, learners. Myself included. If only empathy would give way to wisdom – and on the same conversion scale, water to wine!

Negative-VS-Postive-Gearing-BlogPerhaps this theory is too pessimistic? What of those who have acheived in establishing and maintaining a balanced relationshhip over a long period of time? I could pretend I have the answer, but I’ll be honest and say that whilst it may well lie in a future post it won’t be found here. I respect those who have found equilibrium, but given the immediate evidence the odds of replicating the result by repeating the sequence of events or passing on the data are not in our favour.

I don’t often wish for things – even less so for anything that benefits humanity. But tonight, I’ll make an exception (you’re welcome). I wish people would just learn to value basic principles, find mutual respect for each other, and establish rooted faith in themselves and their worth. Maybe then we could actually get on with procrastinating and not saving the whales/O-Zone/rainforest/Ferris like the well-adjusted Earth-paracites most of us are! (Naww, you thought I was going somewhere with that!)

P.S.: 90% of what I write is written whilst enebriated. #SorryNotSorry

P.S.S: I’ve already lost interest in the subject matter. How fleeting thoughts can be!

P.S.S.: Codependency is cancerous – Be your own person.

Listening To: Recipe for Hate – Bad Religion


Image Source: Google Images, Photo taken at Comic Con, London, 2016

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