Confidence: Lost and Found

Easily lost, and hard to regain – and yet sometimes it’s so readily found.


I was just reading back over some of what I’ve written recently – not here, but in my ongoing project – to keep stock of what I’ve done and keep the flow going. For the first time in writing fiction, I’ve written a string of sentences that not only sum up exactly what the story is about but after reading it over time and time again leaves me convinced that I’ve really got something. Whilst an artist of any medium is often their own worst critic, I found confidence in something I produced!


If the first great task in writing is putting pen to paper (fingers to keys) and starting, then the second is clearly finishing the first draft.The greatest hazard, as far as I can see in my own novice opinion, is losing faith in your idea or ability. Confidence can sometimes be so sensitive, and once lost hard to regain. This isn’t my first attempt to write a book (but it’s the first serious attempt in a number of years), and each time I’ve lost confidence in the idea or that I can write the story I had in mind.

Over the years, the ideas I had didn’t disappear. They changed forms, swapped bits and pieces between each other, and ultimately evolved into new ideas that I have now. What I’m currently working on has been in my head for around 2 years now, and the fact that 2 months into finally starting on it I can look at what I have so far and believe in myself is a huge milestone. For every time I lost faith, for every time I gave up, and for all the times I lost confidence, I finally found some.


I’d share it, but you can’t have it yet. I had to wait years for it, so you can wait a little longer, alright?

B-DA4BpCYAAu1MkI like writing little life lessons or phrases as I think of them, and I wish I could think of a formula for confidence that can be generally applied. Really, it’s something that’s been said in many forms already. ‘FAIL = First Attempt In Learning‘ is probably my favourite, along with ‘Success Comes In Cans; Failure In Can’ts.’ Ultimately, you have to keep trying, starting again, doing what you can until you have a product you’re happy with.


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One thought on “Confidence: Lost and Found”

  1. I find this to be very true, whether it be for pursuing personal goals, such as writing a story or finishing school, or helping someone else chase after what they’ve been dreaming for their entire life. It is difficult to have a consistent confidence in yourself and to give confidence consistently to another, but I guess that is one of those things that makes us human. Even if we do end up losing confidence over an idea or action, in the end, it’s all about finding the courage to continue what you started or start anew in order to rediscover the confidence you first had, and that could mean finding someone to help get on the path you need to keep going. Write on, my friend. Great post.

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