Return, Reset, Revamp

So I’ve been back with my folks for a week now. It’s been strange acclimatizing to being back in a family environment for more than the usual visit of a couple of days, but overall a smooth experience.

LOGO-valor-homes-blackTo give context, I haven’t lived with my parents for around 6 years (I am 22, writing this), and I’ve spent a good deal of the last year in my own company – a good many more in house shares that have borders between what’s mine and what’s theirs. When you’re at home those borders are blurred at best, but if you get on then it doesn’t matter too much.

I sat in the garden this afternoon (I’m quite privileged to say it’s a large and beautifully landscaped garden) and I had this feeling that I’m in a rehab facility. To an extent, this is justified in that part of returning home before starting university was to seek some internal balance. Although this may be a strange way of saying so, it’s a feeling of security. All you can see are the plants and trees around, the sky has been so bright and clear and it feels so cut off from anywhere or anything else. My longest serving friend’s house, and in each of them over the years, has the same effect on me. It’s just taken a few years to work out why it’s so comforting.books10ways

In light of this, I believe that this may be a good environment for a full life revamp. I
downloaded a mix of old and new music to spice up my library and playlists (including Icon For Hire, Voltaire, Dommin, Hollywood Undead, plus more), and bought a couple of new books (Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson). Let’s get the reading and writing exercises going on the daily – feed the imagination with some new fuel, what say you?

I’ve recently began to open up to the idea that there are more settings to life than 8 or 88. This may be a good time to try and find a way to cruise at 40-50 and be content, as 88 is a hard speed to maintain life at. I know it’s possible – people do it! It’s just a case of trying to figure out if Me, Myself and I have that setting between us. It’s early days, but we shall see.


Listening To: Scripted – Icon For Hire


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2 thoughts on “Return, Reset, Revamp”

  1. I love your honesty! And I most especially appreciated the anology: I’ve recently began to open up to the idea that there are more settings to life than 8 or 88. This may be a good time to try and find a way to cruise at 40-50 and be content. This made me giggle because we have a son who often shares “I have no middle switch. It’s either all on, or it’s just off.” He’s an Army Ranger, doing great things with his life…perhaps knowing himself this intimately is what has helped him succeed. I am proud of you for exploring your ability to “cruise!” Hugs to you in all your endeavors…within your new living environment and outside of it as well!

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    1. The honesty isn’t optional! Much to the same key of 8 or 88, I have something to say, or I don’t! Thanks for the support, and for sharing. I’m glad to hear about your son and his 8/88 philosophy has led him to do great things.

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