Flee The Capital

So, today is the day.

I have been in London for 6 months now. All my stuff is packed away, besides this laptop (and speakers – duh, I don’t write in silence). I’ve said my goodbyes… well, a few people couldn’t be around, but that’s more or less in their nature (thanks for being consistent!). A couple were due to poor time management on my part – say sorry.

In a brief reflection, how can I sum up 6 months in the capital? It may be easier to bullet point them….

If you have concerns about your alcohol intake before moving to London, don’t worry you stop having time for those concerns as they eat into valuable drinking time.

alochol drinking SS

You’ve seen those cartoons in which a character is so poor at navigating that even with basic directions they manage a full circle (who has two thumbs and matches this description?)? – That certainly gets better, or else you become dependent on an escort or never walk more than 5 minutes from an underground station.


Sleep is definitely for when you’re dead – or at least only half alive from not sleeping due to your new big city habits.


It is definitely NOT OKAY to assume that your rent is justified ‘because it’s London prices’ – estate agents and landlords are sharks anywhere you go, London is like their breeding ground!

I almost wish I had more to say on this, but I really don’t. London is an experience to be had by anyone young with dreams of ‘more’. I’ll be back in a few months, this time as a student once more, but leaving to go back to the little city life will take some getting used to. In a way, I think I’ll appreciate the break from life here, but on the flip side, I’ll be looking forward to coming back.

So, I’ll be disembarking here (MIND THE GAP). See you on the other side.

Image Source: Google Images

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