Had A Bad Day?

What constitutes a bad day – or, more rather, 24 hours that make up ‘not your day‘?

Is it when the sudden heat fries the electrics in your room? Is it when in the midst of Kingdom Hearts therapy, the PS3 checks out with a yellow light of death? No, not yet.


Is it when you make a heat’addled decision to go for a walk to forget the fried electronics in shoes without socks, and return with sore feet?

Is it when your friends disappear off the radar when you want or need them around to laugh all of these things off? That does all sounds like a pretty crappy day, but it’s not over.


In trying to put aside these frustrations, and shake the withdrawal from my choice of video game escape, I am suddenly left alone in the dark. By which I mean, around the time I began writing this post, the light blew in my room. Not having a spare bulb, and as I am moving out in a couple of days, I am making do with a small desk lamp.

This already could have been written off as ‘not my day’. Easily. My day felt spoiled from around 2pm. But misfortune seems magnetic, and the clock had still not struck midnight. Before it did, draining the last of my motivation… my chair collapses beneath me.

There is nothing like a sudden fall to offer a new perspective – and an eye opener as to how ineffective my hoovering (under the desk) has been.

Thus, the pièce de résistance– May 8th was not, in any sense, my day.


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