Act The Part; Fake It Until You Make It; Or Some Other Cliché

I recently read that if you wait for inspiration to write, you’re not a writer – you’re a waiter.

waiterI like this. It made me think about being more productive in my own projects. One of the reasons I don’t write here daily (despite it being a ‘daily scrawl’ category… I should probably change that to ‘everyday scrawl’ or something), is that I spend a lot of time in the same place(s). Things can get very stale without change, so I decided I would make a cliché writer’s move – I took a walk for about 30-40 minutes until I found a nice-enough looking cafe (congratulate me, I didn’t float into a bar) with outside seating. The sun was out, and I had my coffee(s), cigarettes, a book, notepad and pen. I was far enough away from any common distractions and comfortable enough, to be sure.

I realised even as I left the house this seemed like a pretentious thing to be doing – but I figured it was worth trying as the weather was so good. As it happened, the staff at this cafe were lovely, and kept coming out and delivering me more coffee. I ended up staying there until closing. In those few hours, I was actually pretty productive. So I would say there is something to finding a quiet cafe and actually writing for a change, instead of typing.

Another 3am strike (Soul, Soul Eater)

I can sense a shift in my mind happening. Lately, I’ve been drawing more, writing more consistently (in one form or another), working on a music project, and generally have more creative energy. Whilst this is great, it has unfortunately built up a list of things I need to do as an adult – my tax return, a few phone calls that need to be made, laundry…. I suppose that losing interest in functioning as a member of society has paved the way for more creative ventures. I like that, but I understand that shit needs doing too. Pfft…. I digress!

If you are, like me, trying to find your feet as a writer, perhaps having issues with writer’s block, or struggle with writing everyday (which, really, you must) then I would sincerely recommend trying to isolate yourself in a new environment. By all means, make sure you are comfortable! I can’t imagine sitting in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable or too out of place wouldn’t reflect well in your writing, but finding a small haven, somewhere away from your room, or your study, or wherever you spend the most time, may help consistency and honesty in your work. I may be wrong, each to their own and all, and your work space is where you must exercise your imagination – but I would say that it’s worth figuring that out, and this seems like as good a way as any to do just that.


Image Source: Drawing by me, google images

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