Law, Lore and More

I appear to have taken a 10 day hiatus from publishing anything. I’m happy to say that this has only dawned on me due to a couple of my readers highlighting that they haven’t seen any new entries in that amount of time. I suppose that is evidence that I have a few people keeping current! There is no reason to be concerned (because I’m still alive…), I’ve just been busy.

Trafalgar Law
Creativity struct at 3am, so let’s just roll with it (Trafalgar Law, One Piece)

I suppose that I should start by confirming that I have secured a placement at university to study English & Creative and Professional Writing (cue Rip Taylor). Little under 3 weeks ago I thought it wasn’t even possible to go to university (I mean, I don’t even have A levels), and yet I was offered a place for this coming September just over a week ago. I’ve been working on the book I mentioned before a lot too, and naturally it’s taken some time to talk my way into university, so between the two I’ve had plenty to be doing.

I’ve told a few people about becoming a student, some of who (I now realise) I haven’t spoken to inuni road
quite some time. I have had mixed responses, varying from “I always thought you should do that” to “Oh, what made you want to go back to university?“. That last one is double-edged for me. Part of me is flattered that I come across as though I’m worldly and educated enough for others to assume that I’ve already got a degree under the belt. On the same note, it’s made me think back to the time I should have been thinking about doing this in the first place.

I know for a fact I was too much of an angsty teenager to ever make the kind of life choices that I can now (although I’m not all that much better 6 years down the line!), and I know for a fact I would have laughed so hard to think I’d have any interest in studying English. At school, I always breezed through the subject, often writing essays in a single draft, half hour sitting, and achieving good grades without much attention or interest. I suppose that’s partially down to teachers (who more often than not I was butting heads with), in that I didn’t have the respect for them, their material, or anything that I produced. In total honesty, I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I have some ability to weave words into a body that impresses others.

Back pages of text books from school, age 14-15, that I recently found.

So I’ve sketched a few things onto my canvas for the coming year. Obviously, university is the major milestone. I’ll be jumping the London ship for a few months in preparation for that, saving money and moving back in with the folks. Thinking about it, I never thought I’d be packing up and heading back to Peterborough after 6 months (or back to Peterborough at all), but then again I never thought I’d be going back into education either. So with my remaining 13 days in London, I best say some goodbyes, and take advantage of all I can whilst I can. I know I’ll be back in a few months, but everything will be different, in a new area… I guess it’s more of an opportunity to say thanks to people who’ve helped me get this far as much as it is to say goodbye.

I’ll be sure to keep in better touch in the coming weeks…

Image Source: Drawings by me, photo of a street sign in London

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6 thoughts on “Law, Lore and More”

  1. Awesome post. I’ll always be rooting for ya(unless you murder someone)
    Also, did I just see Eric Cartman in one of your doodles?


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