Who Do You Think You Are?

It’s actually pretty easy to be something you’re not, or simply bury a part of yourself, in front of someone else. Have you ever tried? Do it for kicks sometime. Convince someone that you’re a character of your own making. It’s not so hard, provided you understand what you’re doing and who you’re trying to be. What’s really hard is convincing yourself you’re something you’re not, or hiding away a part of what makes you ‘you’ from yourself (confused yet?). Worse yet, is when you’re not even sure who you’re supposed to be. I wonder if young actors experience this…

I think one of the most vital things when presenting something in a public medium – whether it’s in a blog, an interview, or any other format – is confidence. There’s a rule of sales that I apply to almost everything: You sell yourself before you sell your product. The one thing that causes me to hesitate in writing (whether here, or for personal projects) is my faltering faith in my writing ability. What gives me the right to write something and expect people to read it? What gives me the right to decide what would make a good story?

It’s something that is proving difficult to overcome, and despite my own belief that an original idea I have had could make a good story I am stalled by the weight of “what if you’re the only one who thinks this is a good idea?” I’ve had a couple of story ideas, one of which I’m working on now and seeing where it goes, and sometimes they really stick. The characters or scenarios playing around in my head. One reoccurring idea is about Lucifer challenging the Devil to claim his throne (wait for it…), losing, and being exiled to the land of the living for 9 lifetimes – as a cat. This cat can communicate with this guy who takes him in, and just generally causes trouble for the guy with weak demonic abilities in everyday situations. I think about scenarios for this that actually make me laugh (and kind of think of Garfield sketches on acid).

It’s random ideas like this with the corresponding thoughts that make me wonder if there’s something to them. Is there some way of making it work as a story. Sure as hell could be better story than Twilight, right? Perhaps that’s too bold of me to say at this stage, especially with no published work to back up the claim. In any case, I think it’s important to just try and see a story through, and look at the finished product for criticism rather than just the concept.

We shall see what comes. In the mean time, I will continue to write (and write and write and…). I think a word of thanks is in order to those who’ve provided the feedback I’ve received thus far in my blogging endeavors, and also to my regular readers. You guys are great, and your encouragement means more than I can say.

So Thanks.

Yours Faithfully,

Me, Myself and I. 


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6 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  1. In every story there is a hero and our lives are our stories to the world… So guess we get to be the heroes and well, when you are a hero, you have got to have a strong heart and mind and keep believing in yourself until you succeed. Good stuff.. Loved this post.

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