5000 Candles in the Wind (Better Than 1 Candle…)

Again, I find myself luring my dear readers one way with a title, then yank them another with content. Usually there’s a reason, a connection (there is one… sort of…. wait for it….) or something. Today, I’m  writing for fun – well, more or less writing ‘off-script’ for kicks. I also enjoy Parks and Recreation….

Why? Well, what you can do at 5am is somewhat limited. I finished my first bar shift – not ever, but first since deciding that my dreams/ambitions were in the toilet and I just wanted to flush/reset. I wanted to write, and realised the category of ‘Daily Scrawl’ hasn’t really been daily – I’m not sure I (or anyone) really care. I write, you read. That’s the only required structure for now.

I think one of the difficulties lies in separate focuses. I’m writing a story (but that’s really none of your business) which can take up a lot of thinking space, and when the words line up, and the ideas flow, you really need to take it all down immediately. The other factor is that I seem to work best between 10pm and 6am. The creative side of my Jekyll/Hyde being is clearly nocturnal. However, having other responsibilities and things to do in daylight hours means that I am burning the candle at both ends (BOOM! There’s the (loosest of) connection!).

If only there was a way to multiply your candle ends. 5000 candles would be great (10000 ends). As I typed that, I realised I was stretching an expression further than is worthwhile. So, being tired as it is 6am now, and I know I have another 10-12 hour shift tomorrow, I’m going to call this a short one.


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5 thoughts on “5000 Candles in the Wind (Better Than 1 Candle…)”

    1. Li’l Sebastian was a town mascot for Pawnee in the show Parks & Recreation – the title is also a reference to a joke made in the show (when asked to write something like Candle in the Wind, but 5000 times better to honor Sebastian’s passing)


      1. Ok…should I admit to being recently introduced to “Brothers and Sisters” and getting caught up in it? 🙂 Will check out Parks and Recreation!


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