Looking For Angels


In a pursuit for answers and, perhaps more importantly, inspiration, my phone knows when to drop a song-bomb on me (lately it’s been Life Is Beautiful – Sixx: AM at least once in each playlist). Then it dropped a Skillet track that made me really reflect on the time I’ve spent with certain people over the last week.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with a friend today, livin’ la vida loca (look, I brought that back around!), and  it’s amazing what you can do with words without any kind of intention other than to be heard. Between personal ethos and (somehow) Russell Brand’s idea of a resurrected communism, I’ve been given so much food for thought that now just needs recording and channeling.  My friend, if you are reading this (which I think you will be) – thank you.

I have been stumped with writer’s block, particularly on the creative side of things, for downloadsome time now. I think it is something to do with a head vs. heart thing. In any  case, this has been distressing as I had just started to write a story that I actually have some faith in. It wasn’t that the ideas weren’t there, just the words weren’t coming through, and the images had blurred a little in my mind.

Then the right person says the right things at the right time.

It’s never expected, for me anyway. I suppose when we recognise someone for the wealth of thoughts, feelings and dreams beneath the surface, and how what they say resonates with us, we probably should make more of a habit of hanging around them. Let’s call this, ‘Tracking an Inspiration Genesis (and getting it on tap). If I ever do get the hang of that, and succeed as a writer, I have a good title for the book sharing my accumulated wisdom right there (yeah, I have a little ambition back too).

I suppose that what I’m sharing here isn’t much more than a thank you note, and really it actually goes out to a few people. I don’t think you need naming – you’re reading this (say thanks again) and you should know who you are. However, what I will state as a take-away message (fresh out of the oven, OUT FOR DELIVERY) is this: Words are the foundation of humankind. Slavery is no longer acceptable; women have their rights; and we strive to eliminate poverty and promote equality. All of these things started with an exchanging/outcry of words and in 2016 we must continue to share, for one and for all.

The right words, from the right person at the right time, have no limits to what they can accomplish. –  J.L.C. 2016

Image Source: Google Images (Skillet Lyrics) (FFVII-Crisis Core)

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