‘Twisted’ – Lyrics Without Music

You can find yourself in a strange state of mind at 2am – more so when you’re bogged in a buffet of medication you don’t fully understand. But here I am, and I felt that in my sleep-deprived, doped-up state that I wanted to jot some lyrics down. We know how that’s all it takes to create something…


I don’t even know what service you’re trying to provide,

And you want me to cough up, show you what’s inside?

I’ll tell you – I was down and alone, but I felt the weight being lifted,

Ever since meeting my worse half, and now I feel gifted,

Everything’s in sync, but you call it twisted.

Dance of the devils, Have you met my new friend?

Dance of the devils, there’s no need to pretend

Yes, Doc, this Jekyll here’s got a Hyde

It’s all in my head, you say, I’m seeing double

But now you’re in trouble,

Because our demons are all on side.

We didn’t always see eye to eye, but now I’m not gonna lie,

It never felt so good, so clear, so right to be twisted

To be an equal part in this messed-up mixture,

To feel a presence within this mental fissure,

Me, You and I are all in here – And we’re twisted.

I always said that I would fake it

In the fear that I’d never make it

But now we’ve an understanding, Jekyll and I,

And between us we’ve really got nothing to hide

We’re living the dream,

We’re a nightmare team

The old me is gone, strung up, nailed in, crucified.

Dance of the devils, have you met your end?

Dance of the devils, did it call you ‘friend’?

Now I only question why I ever resisted

In our heads, we’re at capacity,

But still got our grip on reality,

Me, You and I are all in here – And we’re twisted.

I’ve had elements of this in my head for a while, so I’m glad that picking at the thread pulled the whole string loose. Perhaps I’ll have some chords to put to this in the near future. In the meantime, it’s almost 3am and the painkillers mix I’m taking is really starting to kick in – so this is where we close.


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15 thoughts on “‘Twisted’ – Lyrics Without Music”

  1. I am blown away by your structure and your way with descriptions. This flows beautifully, seriously, I’m awed.
    When I was deep in the throes of my depressive episode, writing was the only healthy outlet that I had. I wrote a lot; multiple notebooks full. And reading your lyrics, it was an echo of the pieces that I used to do. It is really quite cool to see someone almost mimic my pieces (though you obviously have never read them.) I’d stopped writing once I pulled myself back out of that black hole, because when I would try and continue to write, I was so used to the darkness that my outlet almost pulled me back in. I stopped writing (for 5 years) until recently, and it has been very, very challenging for me to try to write something other than darkness. I can feel a dark residue even in my current pieces (Ode to the Soul.) Anyway, my point is, that reading your lyrics has put the idea in my head that maybe I should dig my old notebooks back out and post one of my old pieces once a week. Like a cheesy little Flashback Friday deal. What do you think?

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    1. I’m very glad this resonated with you, and I think going back through old work can be very thought provoking. I understand where you are coming from with dark influences, although I am happy to say that these lyrics embody the mindset of ‘I have issues, but they are my issues – I am in control’.
      Again, really looking forward to what you bring to the board creatively!


  2. This is really beautifully written i must say!
    The concept is engaging ! I loved how there is a certain captivating factor added by the rhyme scheme ! Talking about the theme it was surprisingly similar to my post but different in its own way.
    I have to say you write beautiful so much so that it makes me feel the pain! I am so sorry you had to go through whatever is was that made you write this!


    1. Thank you Mukthi, that’s very kind of you to say. I did think that you would like this having seen your own work.

      I didn’t much think of pain as much as I just examined my state of mind to tell you the truth (but perhaps you are seeing a little further into the genesis). As I said to The Nervous Yogi’ in the previous comment, this is more about having issues, but being in control and owning them.

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