The Journey of 1000 Albums Starts With A Single…. Wait….

Whilst a nice idea – this is total crap!

Firstly, am I really going to consciously listen to 1000 albums on a predetermined learning trajectory? Secondly, the album of choice today wasn’t even chosen by one of the singles! Why the title? Fancied it. I guess with this title Journey may have actually been more appropriate. Damn…

My choice was actually inspired by my old man. I can’t associate the band with anyone or anything else, and I remember when I was younger (and knew oh so much better than anyone else) being told more than once this album was one I needed to listen to. I actually kept hold of a copy of it, and I’m listening to it right now – the second time round now – I thought it was as a good a place as any to start, and I had to agree – people need to be AWARE of this album if they have any interest in classic rock. Age is no excuse for ignorance. Admittedly, I’m a little late to the party here…. Fashionably late! Whatever… Shut up and listen.

So my specimen for this evening is Led Zeppelin’s ‘Untitled’ album – or Led Zeppelin IV. Funnily enough my own ignorance cemented the choice. I felt the itch to listen to Immigrant Song and thought ‘Oh yeah, that’s on that Led Zep IV album. I can dig that out and educate myself on that‘ – this is after owning the thing for about 6 years. Some of you will already reacting as you read that because you know Immigrant Song is not a track on this album. Let’s focus more on the fact I’m someone who actually loves CDs in an age of iTunes and Spotify, okay?

So having listened to it a couple times round (just restarted it for a third roll-around), I recognized a couple tracks (namely Stairway to Heaven and Rock and Roll). These and Misty Mountain Hop were the highlights for me. I would definitely recommend this to pretty much anyone  for a listen as each song is completely different from the next – almost in a non-fluent way, but certainly in the way that keeps your attention.This is opposed to a lot of modern rock/metal album have 1 or 2 original tracks and then 8-10 same-sounding tracks that sort of merge together. It’s like chewing the same piece of gum for 45 minutes – it went a bit stale a while back but you were waiting for the chance to get subtly rid of it instead of just swallowing it.

My verdict on one of the world’s best selling albums is that it was fun to listen to – I did wonder if there was going to be an end to ‘Battle of Evermore‘ (I promise you there is) but at no (other) time was I ever inclined to skip a track, and the tracks are growing on me with each play through. It’s very different from anything else in my library and feel I understand the influence they had on artists that came later that I love now. I definitely feel better having been educated on a legendary piece of rock history.

So, older folks reading this, or younger folks who actually listened to their parents’ recommendations the first time around, I don’t know how much this does or doesn’t resonate with you and your own opinions but feel free to let me know!


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