Today cements the beginning of solving the whole survival gig. You know? Paying rent, buying food, the whole life thing.

As an immediate fix – I’ve managed to fall into some Market Research work to do from home, and a couple of shifts for my local bar working as cover. In the mean time, I need to evaluate what I want to do. Being able to write like this and feel like I’m telling a story day by day is liberating, but it’s hardly a short term route to stability and, well, not being broke and homeless!

Not a lot of footprints left in the road of discovery today. Admittedly, yesterday did end up in a wild mess. I went out with the pure intent to seek some advice from a friend in a bar – as I had to think of my finances, I had a single beer before switching to water. It turns out there are some weird and wonderful people in this world – one such person seemed to be almost offended I didn’t have a ‘real’ drink and became adamant on buying me drinks – which led to closing time, which led to a cab – then a pub – then another – then another cab – long story short, it’s amazing how far £4 can get you if you’re in the right place at the right time, just drinking la vino de vida – or aqua de vida – just water. Whatever.

Anyway, I digress – the point is I didn’t return home until around 2.30pm today and I had some research to do that wasn’t for leisure. I did however do this to the sound of The Rolling Stones: Essential Collection, which counts, right? One of the benefits of being behind the trends in music (media in general, but please – continue) is that I can hear of stuff like Street Fighting Man (never knew that Motley Crue only covered that until now…) and You Can’t Always Get What You Want and be like ‘This is cool! Where has it been until now?’ – Oh to be so young and naive!

So as to hone in on something to learn about and focus on – I’m going to listen to a new album every day or two for a while – grow musically, I guess. I have a funny feeling that this will be like time travelling. Being in my early twenties, and surrounded by music that has an expiry date of about 6 weeks, progress is always made going back in time. I think it started with a love of bands like Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, stretching out to Billy Joel (hold fire, I have a very eclectic taste!) a little later in life, then discovering a love for punk….

I suppose it is just as well I wasn’t super productive today – as I type I can hear the birds chirping outside in that piercing ‘Hey people, did you know it’s 5am?’ sound. That’s not just me, is it? I swear, whatever birds are calling at that time have a fatigue-inducing cry. I will have to think about where to start my musical journey tomorrow. Any thoughts?

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